Illinois Repeater Association

Selective Access Policy Guidelines

Effective April 18, 2015


At the annual meeting of the Illinois Repeater Association held Saturday, April 18,2015, it was enacted the State of Illinois shall have a published Selective Access Policy put into place for all repeater systems, analog and digital.  As the number of systems and digital modes available keep increasing, having a published plan to coordinate selective access (PL, DPL, CTCSS, CDCSS, NAC, RAN, Color Code, etc.)  has become a necessity.


Most of the adjacent states we interact with have published their own such plans, and in an attempt to standardize our in-state operations as well as making it more friendly and easy to coordinate with our adjacent state neighbors, we have decided and the memembership has voted on and approved of implementing our own plan.


It was not a trivial task to arrive at this point with a cogent plan that tries to balance the greatest good for the greatest number of existing systems with respect for the adjacent states we have to integrate and co-exist with. There is no ultimate, perfect solution to this problem, and it has been looked at over the last 12 or more years in an attempt to please as many people as possible.  Many great thanks go to the Wisconsin state Frequency Coordinator, Dave Karr, KA9FUR for contributing much work on a good solution to a very difficult problem!


Compliance with the new plan is voluntary.  Existing repeater systems will be considered grandfathered and are not required to change, however compliance is encouraged if possible.  New repeater coordinations henceforth will be issued in accordance with the new regional access codes as outlined in the document below.

IRA Selective Access Policy document (PDF Format): Download

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